Sunday, May 10, 2015

An Attempt At Not Spending Money: 10 Products Week 3

Well well well, my spending ban is really stinging right now.  My progress is going …okay. No pictures today, solely because theres not much visual change is status.  If you want to see pictures of the items used, feel free to check out my first post here.

Here, on this blurry iPhone photo,
I'm wearing my Revlon Lip Stain!
Maybelline MasterGlaze Blush in Make a Mauve- Over the course of these three weeks, I found out how much I like this product.  It blends so smoothly, and it so versatile.  This past week I even used it in place of multiple items in one look.  I used it obviously as a blush,  all over my lid for an eyeshadow, and on my lips as lipstick!  On my eyes, it creased terribly- even with a primer-, but I did get so many compliments on it!  Time to invest in a purple eyeshadow?  As a lipstick, it was super pretty and not uncomfortable at all, but expectedly didn't last very long.  Not much of a difference on how much product was used.
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Smitten- Thank god that berries are on trend right now or else I'd be screwed haha.  I love using this product because it actually does stain my lips all day!  I don't really feel the need to reapply until after lunch.  The tip is almost flat, so I guess I made a little progress.
Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara in Very Black-  Still not my favorite mascara unfortunately.  It almost always ends in me getting the product on my lips or underneath my lower lashes, which frustrates the hell out of me.  It's still super wet and hasn't dried up, which if you know me, I hate wet mascaras.  If you want more of what I think of this mascara, check out my mini review here, as well as many other Maybelline products.
Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Paint in Beige- I've definitely warmed up to this product.  I used to hate it because it wasn't opaque enough and didn't blend at all.  I have found a few ways to use this, though.  Sometimes, if i want an intense inner corner highlight, I draw a small line of this on the inner lower lash line, and it stays all day! Literally.  Also, when I want to do a full white eye look, which I've been loving lately, I use this as an all over the lid base.  I don't think I'll be done with this anytime soon.
AphOrism Lipgloss- This color is super pretty, and I've been wearing it daily.  Theres one problem, though.  THIS PACKAGING IS TERRIBLE.  The cap flaked all over the place and I'm so mad about it.  Everytime I try to use this lipgloss I get black flakes stuck to my hand, and it's super annoying.  Luckily, I think it's all gone now, and I can focus on the actual product.  I've used a lot of this product, but I think I'm only about a fourth done with it.
Sumita Beauty Contrast Eye Pencil in Jaipur Gold- This pencil is so pretty, and I feel it's so versatile to use.  I love using it on the lower lash line, as a regular liner, and I'm planning on trying it all over the lid.  Time to sharpen it, too!
Maybelline Master Hi-Light Hi-Lighting Blush in Pink Rose- It's so pretty!!!! *Heart eye emojis* There's so many pros and cons to this product.  Pros- I love the color, it has a built in highlight, you can get so many colors out of this, and it's super pigmented.  Cons- It fades so quickly and the packaging is so bulky.  I didn't hit pan YET, but I have made a dent.
Sephora Rouge Infusion in Plum- Although this color is stunning, I'm afraid it's too dark for springtime, so I'm having issues fitting it into my makeup routine.  Also, it's not totally opaque and becomes blotchy, so I feel the need to either layer it or add a gloss.  Not much progress on the "using it up" thing. ps: This smells so lovely! Very sweet.
ChapStick Flava Craze in Fruit Craze- Damn, I have used this every day at least three times a day! It does a great job moisturizing my lips and prepping them for some cute lippies.  I used up a bunch of this, but I have so much to go!
Tarte Amazonion Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Tan Honey-  Eek!  I haven't even touched this yet.  In contrast to my first post, I guess you could say it really isn't going to be that easy to use.  I'm just so nervous to mix a foundation with this.  Any suggestions?

Yay!  Three weeks down, a billion to go.  As much as I miss getting new products, it's super fun getting comfortable with some oldies and seeing how my love/loath progresses.  Thank you so much for reading! don't forget to take on the challenge. ;)

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