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Brand Focus: Maybelline

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I love reading blog posts that focus on one brand at a time and seeing their strengths and weakness.  Brands tend to have good products in one area, but can lack in another.  As you'll see in this post, I love Maybelline's face products, but their lip products are on the eh side.  I swatched all the products I own by Maybelline, (except for the Master Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliner :( ) and I took pictures of the packaging too.  I'll definitely do a bunch of these posts if everyone likes these.


left to right:  Peach Satin, Rose Petal, Pink Fever,
 Just-Pinched Pink, Make A Mauve, Pink Rose

MasterGlaze Blush- I have this blush in three shades (left to right) Make A Mauve, which is a dark
mauve, Just-Pinched Pink, which is a peach-toned pink, and Pink Fever, which is a shimmery hot pink.  These blushes are some of my favorite.  I feel they actually stay on my face all day, but are extremely easy to blend.  They're in stick form, so I apply them directly to my face (remember to use a light hand) and then blend them out with a stippling blush.  Make a Mauve is my favorite of the shades.

Dream Bouncy Blush- This blush was the first Maybelline product I had ever bought.  These blushes are interesting to say the least.  I love how when I touch them they feel super spongy and bounce right back.  I don't feel as if they have enough pigment for me, but I do still like wearing them.  I have the blush in the colors Peach Satin, an orange toned red and Rose Petal, a light neutral pink.  I apply these with a stippling brush.
Master Hi-Light Blush- This blush, in Pink Rose is a great everyday blush.  I really like this product, and it definitely stays all day for me.  I like this product a lot because it has so many different shades in it, but it also includes shimmer bricks.  It's very convenient because I don't need to wear a highlight with it!

Dream Fresh BB Cream- This is one of the first 'foundations' I ever bought.  Even though it's a BB Cream, they have light to medium coverage.  It does feel a little heavy on the skin and leaves a very dewy finish.  I wear this during the Spring and Summer months where I don't want to wear a full coverage foundation.  I have this in the shades light/medium and medium.
FitMe Foundation Dewy & Smooth- I have an obsession with this foundation.  It leaves the prettiest effect on my skin and is in no way cakey.  The staying power on this foundation is great and I never have to worry about it fading during the day when I'm at school.  The only downside to this foundation is the packaging.  I just wish it had a pump or something. :(  Oh well, I'll still be repurchasing this again and again.  I own it in the color 125 Nude Beige.
Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser- I have the shade 215 Fair/Light.  I really do enjoy this concealer and it really helps in the morning when I'm too lazy to wake myself up.  It covers up my dark spots really nicely, and not just under my eyes!  It's super easy to blend too, even with just a flat top kabuki brush.
Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser- I really like this primer.  It have a silicone feel, which honestly is the best primers for me.  I like primers that allow my foundations to apply smoothly and have a little "slip" to them.  It doesn't fill my pores as to where it makes a difference though.  


Left to Right: Edgy Emerald, Inked in Pink,
Green With Envy Palette
Left to Right: Brash Blue, Tough as Taupe,
Blackest Black,  Barely Branded

The Rocket Volm' Express Mascara- I started out really disliking this mascara.  It was very wet, and I couldn't stand the burden of having to scrape the excess product off the wand.  Now that it has dried up a bit, I really like this product.  It lengthens my lashes nicely and adds a curl.  It does flake by the end of the day, though. 
Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara- Once again I started out disliking this mascara.  It was way too wet and the wand was such an odd shape.  I can get passed this, now that it's in my list of products to use up, but it's still not my favorite.  It doesn't give an even coating to my eyes, plus it's a bit clumpy, but I do like how it doesn't flake on me. 
Mega Plush Volum' Express- Today, I put on this mascara.  I haven't tried it in a while, and I'm actually really liking it.  It coats my lashes thinly, and even thought the formula is wet, It doesn't clump up like usual.  The mascara really does take from the name.  I mean, just look at the wand.  It really is plush!!  My lashes look volumized, but at the same time not heavy.  It also makes me happy that my lashes aren't hard, and that even though the wand is so big, none of the product got on my eyelids!  That's a #1 in my book.

24Hr Color Tattoos- These products are on so much hype, and I feel like everyone has a positive opinion on them.  Honestly, I do like them, but I don't feel like they're honestly worth the hype.  Most people use these as a base, and they claim that they "don't crease."  Unfortunately, they do on my eyes. :(  I love these colors, and they're all so pretty.   I have Tough as Taupe, Edgy Emerald, Inked in Pink, and Barely Branded.  My favorite is Inked in Pink, which my mom just gave to me. Thanks Mom. I feel like it's really wearable and doesn't need anything on top of it.  It's a perfect color to just swipe on and go.

Master Kajal Cream Kohl Eyeliner- Stupid me Unfortunately, I forgot to add a swatch of this, but it basically just looks exactly like the packaging.  Don't you just love when that happens?  I just put on this eyeliner today.  I know that kohl eyeliner isn't supposed to be super slim and accurate, but I just wish it was.  This color is really pretty.  It's perfect for an unconventional smoked out liner, being blue and all.  I especially like using this smudged on my lower lash line.  It's safe to say that I do like this product.  It's pigmented, but I just wish it was slimmer.
EyeStudio Palette- I just picked this up about 2 weeks ago, and unfortunately, I haven't gotten the chance to make an eye look out of it.  I have swatched it though, and the colors are beautiful.  I've been wanted to wear more greens lately, and I'm hoping this'll do just the trick.  Comment below whether you like this or not!
Color Tattoo Pure Pigments-  I only have this eyeshadow in Brash Blue, and I wish I could've gotten it in maybe a more iridescent shade.  I do like this product because a little goes a long way, but I bought it while I was going through my cobalt blue phase, and now I'm really not into that anymore.  I like using this under my lash line, and as a liner.
EyeStudio Gel Liner- I searched for the longest time to find the perfect gel liner to start out with.  I watched a whole load of YouTube videos on this, and everyone said that this one was great to get from the drugstore.  I love this liner a whole lot, and it's extremely pigmented, but it's almost dried out.  But for now, I'll keep using it. :)

Left to Right: Cherry Me, Ravishing Rouge, Endless Raisin,
  Rose Of Attraction, Pink Shock, and Petal Plush 

Baby Lips- Remember when there was so much hype over these?  I remember when I wanted every shade and every flavor.  Now that I know what real makeup is actually like, well, let's just say I know better now.  The only one that I actually use to wear out is Cherry Me.  I like this a lot because sometimes I don't want a real heavy red lip.  This is a great color for just a tint of red and moisturization, but none of these last very long.

Super Stay 24Hr Lipstick- I bought the first lipstick (on the left) purely for the name.  I mean, Endless Raisin?  What even?  It's basically a brown shade, nothing special.  I like layering it in the Fall though.  The other one, Ravishing Rouge, is really a nice red.  These lipsticks don't give precision, but they stay one for a long time.  They're very thick and moisturizing.  I suggest wearing with a liner to get the best precision.

Color Whisper- I find honestly nothing special about this lipstick.  I have it in a light shimmery tone, and yes, I know it's supposed to be sheer, but it doesn't have an impact on me.  I don't dislike it at all.  Don't get me wrong, everybody needs a few MLBB Lipsticks.  It's good for a natural look, but adds a light pop because of the shimmer. 
ColorSensational the Elixr Lipgloss- Ha! Maybelline at it again.  These were also some of the most hyped items, like ever.  I honestly think I made a mistake when I got such a light color because of the fact it highlights every dry patch on my lips.  I find this gloss very heavy and made me kind of uncomfortable??? I know, I couldn't really find the words to explain that feeling.  I think once my spending ban is over I'm going to try a few more of these.

Thank you so much for reading!  What are some of your favorite Maybelline products and in what shades? What other brands should I do a Brand Focus post on?  

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