Friday, May 29, 2015

Pinterest Pinks: Spring Makeup Inspo


Pinterest is a place where I can organize all my favorite pictures and find inspiration for every occasion.  In this case, I decided to share a few of my favorite makeup looks with you.

Detached Wing- This look has always interested me.  I love this look so much that I pinned two versions!  I find it very difficult to do this look, so if anyone has a suggestion I would love for you to share.

Simple Eye LookNot much to say about this one other than that it's so pretty.  It's created for days when I don't feel like doing too much with my look. 

Light Ombre Lips- This has also interested me.  Last year, this look was very popular.  I really love this look, but I've always been too hesitant to try it!  Does it remind anyone else of some pretty glass?

Thick Liner + Statement Lip- A classic look for me.  This is one of my most worn looks as it being easy to recreate.  I use my Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 33 to complete the look.

The "No Makeup" Makeup Look- Killer Colours is honestly one of my favorite blogs.  Her makeup looks are flawless, and this one does not disappoint.  She has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try a more "natural" look.  This look is basically a little concealer and a lot of highlight.  No mascara! Shocker, right?  It's beautiful for Spring and feels so fresh to not have a load of makeup packed on my face. 

Thanks so much for reading!  What are your favorite Makeup looks from Pinterest? 


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  2. The first eyeliner is just gorgeous! Will definitely try it for an upcoming outfit post!