Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Favorites

Well well well...

It's already August?  I can't believe that the year is more than halfway over, and school starts in a month!  As July is coming to a close, I've rounded up some of my favorites from this month.  To switch it up a bit, I've supplied my non-beauty favorites first! 

Beyond Scared Straight! - If you know me, you'd know that when I go on Netflix, I don't look for shows like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars.  There's just something about scripted shows that I don't care for, and I'd rather opt for a social documentary.  One of my favorite topics is jail, and when I came across this show, I was so excited!  This show followed a different group of kids ranging from around 9 to 17.  They bring them into the jail for a day, hopefully to scare them out of whatever trouble they're getting themselves into.  I don't recommend this show if you're young though, being there's a lot of bad language and themes. I sped through this series in about 4 days, and I'm obsessed! (and disappointed its over.)

The 1989 World Tour - I got floor seats to this concert for my birthday, and they were so worth it.  Taylor is such an amazing performer and adds so many extras to her concert.  I also got to see Nick Jonas, Haim, Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and a bunch of her supermodel friends, including Karlie Kloss!  This was such an amazing experience.

eos Lip Balms - I've had these lip balms for so long, but this month I just loved them so much!  I got past that point in all of these where it's not moisturizing, and finally got at least halfway through each of them.  

elf Light Blush Palette - I've used this palette for a few months now, but this month I've focused on using one specific color.  This is the bottom right color, which is the only shimmery one in the palette.  It's a redish coral color and, like the other shades, is very pigmented.  Even though it looks like there's some major sparkle in the pan, it doesn't show up like that on the cheeks.

L'oreal Molto Mauve - These lipglosses are extremely good.  They stay on for a good amount of time, have intense pigmentation, and aren't sticky whatsoever.  I like this color especially.  It goes with so many looks and is a good mauve that keeps everything neutral.  I wore this all month and took it everywhere with me! 

Thanks for reading!  What have you been loving this month?
I'd love to hear your suggestions of what I should try out.

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  1. YES to Beyond Scared Straight! My husband and I love that show! Also, those lipglosses are the best and that color looks amazing! Awesome post. XO -Kim

  2. I love that collection of eos lip balms! The orange one smells exactly like a brand of popsicles we buy a lot which makes it even more lovely!


    1. Yum!! I'd love to have those haha. xx Thanks for commenting!

  3. Don't remind me! It's crazy that August is already here! Taylor's gig looked amazing! X

    Palm prints and summer evenings over on-

    1. Thanks for commenting! I had the time of my life. She's an amazing performer! xx

      Jessica // LIpsAndTrips