Monday, August 3, 2015

Polish Picks : August

Welcome to August!  One month to go until school starts, which means one month to get all my summer work done!  Im so excited for this month because I have so many fun things coming up!  

As you can see I've changed up the title!  This month I picked out some really cool polish colors!  I think it's some of my favorite pastels and glitters.  

  • L'oreal I Like It Chunky - described as a "sparkly terracotta bronze"
  • elf Pot of Gold - described as a "liquid gold metallic" 
  • Butter London Anorak - described as a "black, white, and silver chunky glitter suspended in a clear base"
  • OPI Shine for Me - described as a "silver and blue glitter"

Cool Colors 
  • essie Parka Perfect - described as a "serenely shimmering alpine grey"
  • anise Hits of Heaven - described as a "pastel blue"
  • Sally Hansen Carnival - described as a "multicolor confetti"
  • essie Play Date - described as a "flirtatious soft purple"

Warm Colors 
  • essie Hi Maintenance - described as "an innocent, sheer pale pink"
  • essie Madison Ave-Hue - described as "a chic, upper east side pink"
  • essie Raspberry - described as "a dazzling purplish-red cream"
  • essie A List - described as "an award-winning classic creamy red"
Thanks so much for reading!  Have you tried any of these polishes before? 
 Which are you using this month?  Hope you enjoyed and comment below!

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  1. That grey is one of the cutest shades I've seen yet! Might have to search for it, so crisp and modern!
    An Unblurred Lady

  2. I absolutely love the Sally Hansen carnival multi-coloured confetti one. It's so cool, but knowing me I'd probably just wear it a couple of times and go back to my standard two nail colours I always wear (red or orange). So many cute nail polishes and I only wear two of them! '-.-

    ♡ Emily x

    1. Maybe switch it up and add it to your favorites! It's a pretty varied polish, so it goes with so many colors!!! xx