Sunday, September 20, 2015

Swatch Sunday #6

Yanno what I love about living right by a Sally's Beauty Supply?  Well the obvious answer: the makeup!  But also, it's super convenient to spot all the sales!  I can go there with just $10 and come out with at least 12 products.  Everything is dirt cheap, and this is how I came across this Sunday's product.  

This week I chose Femme Couture's get rosie lip and cheek stain.  This product is such a toss-up for me.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I just feel like passing.  There are also a bunch of pros and cons, like how I love the color but I hate the smell.  The wear time is alright, but you do have to layer a lot on the lips.  Also, I love the two sided packaging of this.

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you loved my post.  What do you want me to swatch next week?  What other posts would you like to see?  Have you tried femme couture's get rosie lip and cheek tint?

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