Saturday, August 20, 2016

How I Style... Patterned Shorts

Forever 21 Button Down (similar) // Forever 21 Patterned Shorts // Forever 21 Circle Necklace (similar) // American Eagle Flip Flops // PBJ Smoothie Stick

Sometimes something as simple as shorts can throw you for a loop.  I mean, patterned bottoms are not quite as simple as wearing a patterned top, and can sometimes draw attention in the wrong places.  For me, one of my favorite ways to wear patterned bottoms is in some soft shorts.  This outfit can be worn both in the Summer and in the Fall, being that the top is very sheer.  The looseness of the top can outweigh the looseness of the shorts, making you look less bottom-heavy.  I own at least 7 pairs of patterned shorts, and these are definitely my favorite.  The pattern is so easy to pair with a lot of my other wardrobe pieces, and are extremely comfortable.  I honestly could wear these to bed!  To accessorize, I added a small pendant necklace.  I didn't want to draw away the attention from the shorts.  My favorite color lipstick to wear with navy is a berry color, and what better product to use than a PB&J lipstick!  It goes perfectly.  To keep it casual, I paired some leather flip flops with it.

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How would you style these shorts?  What else would you like me to style?
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