Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lusting For... Forever21

Nothing is better than a good shopping trip, and no other store is better than Forever21!  Luckily I have a two story shop less than an hour from my house, and let me tell you, I can wander there for hours.  Here's just a few things I've been wishing to grab lately.

R by Raga Floral Maxi Dress // Twist Front Crop Top in Heather Grey // Swan PJ Set // Holika Holika Clear Blackhead Nose Strips // Watercolor Stripe Print Romper // Striped Lace-Up Crop Top // Marled Knit Bodycon Dress in Black // Raj Fur Pom Pom Keychain // Floral Print Romper

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 What is on your forever21 wish list? 
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