Monday, August 15, 2016

Week of 8/8/16 - 8/14/16

As per usual... I had tennis bright and early.  No complaints, though, because it makes me start my day early.  I also posted My Favorite Lightweight Lippies.  Who doesn't like a good no fuss product?

Tennis again!  Later in the day, my boyfriend treated me to some Panera and Coldstone.  Mac and cheese and cotton candy ice cream is a good day in my book.

Tennis.  Tennis.  TENNIS!!!  Surprised?  I need a vacation, and that's why my Weekly Style was perfectly based around that exact theme.  Also, a small rant about twitter.  I don't know if many of you know, but I am a huge Taylor Swift fan.  This whole Kanye thing has gotten out of hand, and I don't appreciate people attacking me on social media for purely liking her.  These "fights" get so out of hand that the topics don't even stay on celebrity drama.  I need to do something better with my life.

Tennis!  I am officially going craaazy!  Thank god my Ipsy and Birchbox came.  They made me sane for a good 10 minutes.  I also posted Lusting For... Forever21, which isn't a surprise because when don't I want to go shopping?  On another note, my family isn't big on carbs, which is why when I have a bagel, I have a bagel thin.  They're really not half bad, and you don't feel overly full afterwards.

I ended the week with one last day of tennis.  I celebrated with a trip down to Lavalette, which is a cute beach town about a half hour from me.  There's a bunch of expensive cute boutiques that have such unique items.  One of my favorite places to go there is a breakfast/lunch place called Megs.  Their cuban sandwich is soooo gooood.  I ended the day with the cutest dessert.  Instead of eating ice cream in paper bowls, my mom made these tiny brownie bowls!  Mint chocolate chip ice cream with a warm brownie is the way to go, if you were wondering.

Saturday was a short day, purely for the fact I went to one of my boyfriend's cousins' birthday parties.  They switched it up this time and got a regular cake instead of ice cream cake. Woop!

Sunday I also went to another birthday party.  It was for my boyfriend's sister, and her real birthday is today.  Happy Birthday Jordyne!  His family went back to ice cream cake, and I'll admit, I wasn't mad about it.  This week's Swatch Sunday was all about one of my holy grail products.  Go check it out to see what it is.

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