Thursday, October 6, 2016

Autumn Date Night Makeup Idea

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Autumn is such a great time to go on some adventurous dates.  It has the perfect weather: You don't sweat to death, and it's not too cold that you're shivering!  I love to go on casual dates such as taking a walk to get some pizza or an alternative beach trip to watch the sunrise/sunset.  But maybe you want to spice up the night by renting a fun car to take.  Turoa peer-to-peer car rental company,  has a selection of both classic cars and rare cars, like Tesla's, that can make for an exciting experience.  I'd love to take a drive around town in a crazy colored car and see everyone's heads turn!  I decided to create a look that you could wear to one of these dates while driving around in your rented car from Turo.

Products used:

  • Aphorism Lip Gloss in a slightly shimmery hot pink

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  Please check out Turo to add a brand new element into your date night routine!  What's your favorite date to gone on in Autumn?  Don't forget to contact me at...
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