Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lusting For... BeYindi

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Today I wanted share with all of you one of the most beautiful jewelry companies I have ever come across. BeYindi is a jewelry brand focused of sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, corals and crystals.  Many items in the collection are handmade, originated from Thailand and made by local masters. This company tries to follow the latest trends in jewelry and keep their collection up-to-date meanwhile still there are a lot of classical designs and ethnical motives.

Yindi” means happy in Thai language. Why Thai? Because Thailand is known as a land of smiles. People are happy in Thailand no matter what. The company's founder thinks this is what we are missing in our daily life – simple little things that make you forget about stress and endless rush, tiny details that make our life beautiful. Happiness is right here, many people just don’t see it.

To showcase some of my favorite items, I created a wishlist because I couldn't choose just one to share with all of you!

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I love BeYindi's items, and I think you would too!
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