Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Current Favorite Makeup Look // July 2017

Instead of doing a makeup favorites for this month, I decided to do something a little different.  This look has been my favorite to wear for a while. Although it's not natural, it's stunning and still perfect for everyday wear.  A cut crease look can really open up the eye and create an intriguing effect.  Also, rosy pinks can flatter almost everyone, these two factors make this eye look a go to for anyone.

Featured Products: 
I love this concealer because it's very lightweight and doesn't bunch up under the eye.  It's also sheer enough that it doesn't totally change the look of my foundation.  Many people love that look, but it's too dramatic for my liking.
This used to be one of my most hated products, but over the years that has totally changed.  My brows used to be way too bushy to be able to use this gel effectively, but now that they're thinner, it's great for keeping my brows in place.
I used to show so much love for this palette, but it's been hidden in the back of my drawers.  Summer is a perfect time for warmer toned colors, and that's what this palette is all about.  I loved using this for my cut crease, putting a dark matte shade in the crease, and a shimmery rose shade for the main lid color.  I topped this look off with a cooler charcoal in the outer v for more definition.

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What were your favorites this month?
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