Saturday, August 12, 2017

It's Time To Move On

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. Sometimes these things make you feel confused or even blindsided. This doesn't mean you aren't worth anything. This only means that you have time to start over and create a clean slate. 

This past month I've left a huge chunk of me behind. Without going into detail, this event left me empty. At first it made me feel gross. I felt alone and unconfident and had no drive to do anything.  But then I realized that its not healthy to be this way.  This upcoming year I will be a senior and there is much to be done. I am not going to let one person define how the rest of my life will play out. 

I had two options. Should I mope around and let people feel bad for me? No. That would let the other person win. I decided it was best to focus on me.  Let me focus on my college plans. Let me build my brand online. 

I also decluttered everything. Not only did I delete half of my social media. I also deleted pictures and decluttered my whole room. I decluttered people out of my life and only kept the ones I feel that will truly better me in the future. If you can delete the remnants of a toxic memory, you'll feel so free. 

Of course everything I've explained is easier said than done. If I could let you know just a few things out of this, these are the most important:

1. Do not give up your friends for anybody. Friends and family are the most important thing in your life. They are your support system and your happiness lifeline. Don't take them for granted. Do not make the same mistakes I did. 
2. Your worth is not measured by how others make you feel. You are not wrong if somebody treats you wrong. Go ahead, put some makeup on! Or don't. Do something to make yourself feel confident. Surround yourself with confident people. 

Letting go of someone or something that has been consistent in your life can be hard. You may want to blame yourself for not being good enough. As long as you tried 100%, you should be receiving 100%.  Good things come to passionate, happy people. Don't search for attention and happiness. It'll come, I promise. 

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