Friday, February 20, 2015

Forever21, Bath and Body Works, Claire's, and Victoria's Secret Haul!

I've had a rough past few days, and I had some gift cards to spend, so ultimately this bundle was created.  ps. Apparently I was on a pastel kick.

Bath and Body Works
First off, I got the Love and Sunshine Fine Fragrance Mist and Body Lotion. This is definitely one of my new favorite scents! Maybe my signature Spring scent???

Victoria's Secret

Here's a place I don't go to a lot.  The things in here just don't jump out at me, so I just got some makeup and a scent (the usual).  I bought PINK's Surf's Up Beach Spray Lotion, which smells like mango and orchid. Woo. I also picked up some stuff from the Beauty Rush line. I got a Strawberry Fizz Flavored Lip Scrub, Minty Shine Lip Gloss, Sparkling Punch Gilded Glow Flavored Gloss, and Flavored Shine.  I'm really excited to see if these lip products actually hold up against some of my other glosses.  Im especially looking forward to trying the lip scrub.
Okay. I must admit that this item shouldn't really have happened.  I needed to stop into to find a necklace for a present for a little girl, but they had this whole wall of chokers and- well, my weak point.  I have 2 other chokers: one rhinestone one and a black velvet one.  So, I figured this would even out my collection. (Plus the sunflower is SO ADORABLE!)


And for the big finale… So much clothing.  Forever21 honestly gets me every time.  I go in with $100 and leave with an empty wallet.  Never fails.  Now they had just got their shipment for their spring collection, so I was running a 5k around the store.  I ended up with a Pencil Skirt in Blush, Light Pink Flower Headband, Hunter Green Dress (this is my favorite! I also have it in navy. It's made of sweatshirt material and it's so comfy! Plus POCKETS!!!!), Dark Denim Dress, Yellow Cami Dress, and a velvet lip gloss trio.  

To wrap this up, thank you for everyone who checks out my page! PLEASE spread the word, that would be really cool.  Comment below if you'd like any reviews, swatches, or anything else. Tell me what you'd like to see! I was thinking of making a spring lookbook, and possibly adding in some of these pieces!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I haven't been into Claire's in awhile, but they've definitely got a few gems in there! Awesome post :)

    Emily | Lynde Avenue