Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Top 5 Favorite Disney Table Service Restaurants

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Oh my gosh, I am so excited to be bringing this post to you!  I have finally put out my first post of the "trips" in LipsAndTrips.  If you didn't know, I am a serious Disney lover.  I basically spent my childhood in Orlando!  This post is very long in the making, but here it is!  I've managed to narrow down my Top 5 Favorite Disney Table Service Restaurants. (Trust me, it was a hard task!) *Disclaimer* All the pictures I use in this post are not mine.

Le Cellier - I love this restaurant so much!  Without a doubt I've been to this restaurant almost every trip I've gone.  It's a foolproof place to get an upscale and unbelievable meal. 

Main dining area of Le Cellier Steakhouse at Epcot

Atmosphere - I love the cellar feel of the dining room.  It is very dark and the menus even illuminate!  Keeping with the Canadian theme, each section of the restaurant is a different province, and you'll have a waiter who is very knowledgeable about it.

Food - Oh my, where do I start?  Appetizers would be appropriate, right?  I don't usually get soup, but the Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup is definitely a winner.  It's especially good to dip in the pretzel bread you're given.  I also love Poutine.  If you don't know what it is, think "upscale disco fries."  It is a signature Canadian dish that is quite highlighted on the menu.  And of course, the steak is wonderrrfulll. . . (PS try getting a Canadian Shirley Temple for a citrusy twist on the original!)

Beaches and Cream - What a cute place.  It may not be the most memorable food wise, but the scenery is a serious throwback.  

Colorful dining area of Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney's Beach Club Resort

Atmosphere - When you walk into this restaurant, you're instantly transported to a 50's soda shop.  you can even find a jukebox that plays music!

Food - The food here is good, but nothing special.  It's all burger and fries, and is good quality.  The icecream is where it's at!  Their big star is the "Kitchen Sink," which is a huge sundae literally in a sink.  When it is brought out, sirens go off, so the whole place knows that yes, yes, this is the person literally eating THE KITCHEN SINK!!!  The kitchen sink is on my Disney Bucket list for me and my boyfriend to someday complete.

The Brown Derby - This is another restaurant that makes you feel transported.  The lovely feeling of walking in will never leave my mind.  It's a place of true nostalgia for me.  

The Hollywood Brown Derby dining room at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Atmosphere - When I arrive at the Brown Derby, I can picture my younger self doing the same.  I would love how they sprinkled "pixie dust" on the stairway down to the dining room, and I would always interrogate my dad on who every one of the black and white sketches were of.  You really feel relaxed coming in there.

Food - The food is also great.  My favorite is the cobb salad, ,which is their signature.  You can also get some super cool drinks with light up ice cubes!

Via Napoli - I could not write this list without including pizza!  I'm from New Jersey, so Italian food is very prevalent here.  I can assure you nothing comes close to this!

Building fa├žade with a sign that reads ‘Pizzeria Ristorante’ for the Via Napoli restaurant

Atmosphere - Via Napoli is a very bright restaurant that just feels refreshing.  All the pizzas are cooked in some really cool ovens with some pretty funny faces.  I really enjoy the cool glass fixtures on the ceiling.

Food - This is the best pizza I've ever had.  It's very authentic and imported from Italy.  my family especially likes how extra thin it is.  It falls apart so easily!

Kona Cafe - For a nice afternoon lunch, Kona is a great place to go.  It's a really nice way to escape the parks for a bit.

Lamp-lit walkway to open kitchen below raftered ceiling with rotating rattan fans

Atmosphere - Kona is in the Polynesian Resort, and it has a very open layout.  Being on the second floor of the lobby, you get a great view!  It gives a very relaxed, tropical vibe.

Food - The food is very good also.  It has a tropical influence as well.  When I was younger, I'd always get the cotton candy sundae.  I totally recommend it if a child wants a fun treat.

Writing this really did 
make me feel happy.  Nothing brightens my day 
like Disney does! What are your top Disney Table Service picks?
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 2016 Inspiration

Happy happy April!

This month has already begun with the major showers, but I can't wait for everything to come into full bloom.  April is the start of the Springtime and is the start of warmness too!  Hopefully I can put away my big Winter coats and opt for just a jean jacket or a sweater.  Here are some of the things I know I'll be loving this month...

1. Gotta start Spring off with some pretty pretty flowers!  I definitely have to get some brighter ones for my bedroom.
2. A few months ago I received a Stila Liquid Lipstick in my Birchbox.  I decided I definitely needed to wear it.  I have the bright red shade Venezia, which is a little bright for me, but I'll just mix it with some concealer.
3. I'm having some serious Disney withdrawals.  This month orange is the color, and this fits right in.
4. This is my glam look for this month.  A bright lip is perfect for Springtime.
5. My go to look for April is going to be glowing skin and some pink accents.

6. Going along with the orange them again!
7. You always have to include some inspiration quote in every month!  Let's mean it literally and figuratively.
8. I set my desktop background as this.  It totally captures the look of April.
9. Although I don't have this exact palette, I have one with some of the same colors.  It's the neutral eyes palette from bh Cosmetics.
10. Love love love these flats.  I have some that look like this but with lace.

 11. Had to add a DIY to this month's inspo post.  It looks like a lot of fun!
12. I looove warm sparkly browns.
13. Tee Shirts are the most comfortable things ever and are perfect when they have a little pocket.  My goal is to style them in some cute ways this month.
14. Not looking at the color as much as the ombre.  I haven't done some in a while.
15. I added this to encourage myself to drink more smoothies, but who am I kidding?  I always forget and never have time.

16. This eye look is gorgeous!!!  I love pastel pink looks.  I'll use some shades from the Maybelline the Blushed Nudes Palette
17. Watercolor and Disney Princesses?  I think I hit the jackpot.
18. Every Spring look needs a pop of color under the eye!
19. Warning!  Bright colors ahead!  I'm trying to get out of my black clothing phase.
20. I picked this pin because of the jean jacket and watch.  Such a cute combo.

21. I know, outrageous lip look, but I feel like I could pull it off.  Not on a school day, though.
22. I love this look!  I'll be layering dresses with oversized flannels all month.
23. Once again, a cute springy eye look!  I've been trying to use up my blue eyeshadow, and this will be a cute way to wear it.
24. I think wearing dresses with high tops is so fun.
25. Yum!  Hopefully I'll be able to make this treat in April.

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All of these came from my Pinterest board for April 2016.  You can check it out here. What kinds of posts would you like me to do based on these pictures? 
 Also, what are you inspired by in April?

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Swatch Sunday #7

Happy Swatch Sunday! 
Today I wanted to swatch one of my current favorite products.  This is Buxom's Full On Lipstick in Tokyo.  It's a very dark cranberry color and I am obsessed!  This product is part of my current project pan, and I am so happy I chose it for the project.  It is super pigmented and stays all day.  I opt to layer it with Mac Cremesheen Glass in Deep Kiss and a sparkly champagne eye.  ugh... Gorgeous!
What else would you like me to swatch?
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